SynthSys, The University of Edinburgh

SynthSys, The Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology is a research centre of the University of Edinburgh, UK which is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experimentalists (molecular biologists, biochemists, chemists) and modellers (mathematicians, computational modellers, and software developers) working together to gain a better understanding of the nature of various biological systems. One component of SYNT is the Kinetic Parameter Facility (KPF). This facility is a core experimental resource containing state-of-the-art equipment which is used to generate kinetic parameter data that is subsequently used to feed into mathematical models. Among the different experimental strategies, quantitative proteomics is a largely employed approach.

  • Dr Thierry Le Bihan holds a PhD on protein structure by FTIR and Raman spectroscopy from Laval University, Canada. He conducted proteomics research and developed devices for low flow-rate LC systems at the NRC, Halifax, Canada before joining the biotechnology company MDS-Protana in Toronto, Canada where he developed expertise in quantitative proteomics and biomarkers. In 2006, he became the Director of the Proteomics facility for the CFIBC Research Institute led by Prof. Tak Mak before moving to the University of Edinburgh in 2007 where he holds a lectureship has established the SYNT experimental proteomics facility.
  • Dr Lorraine Kerr is an experienced science project and facility manager. Her background is in mammalian molecular cell biology and she has a PhD in reproductive immunology from the University of Edinburgh. She has spent her career at the academic-industrial interface working with a range of commercial partners and pharmaceutical companies in diverse areas including reproduction, neuroscience and drug discovery. In 2007, she moved to SYNT to establish and manage the experimental facilities and collaborations and has a proven track record in managing large proteomic projects.