Message from Coordinator Prof Matt Griffin

Thank you for your interest in our research project and the VISICORT results.

Our international consortium is fully aware that the current situation regarding the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on the research and innovation community. We anticipate that the precise nature of these impacts may evolve over the coming weeks and months. While we continue to actively work together on all aspects of the VISICORT research programme, some aspects of the project may be slowed as a result of the practical measures taken to contain the COVID virus.

Our institutions’ shared priority is the safety and wellbeing of people, including our own research teams and our patients who have contributed to the project.

On an ongoing basis, we are working to understand the nature of any impacts on VISICORT’s progress and to develop contingency plans toward achieving our goals and stimulating further research to improve the outcomes for corneal transplant recipients.

Prof Matthew Griffin, NUI Galway