The proposed immunological benefit of intravenous administration of plastic-adherent allogeneic human bone marrow-derived MSCs or stroma cell therapy product is to suppress immune responses leading to the reduction of acute rejection resulting in longer corneal transplant survival in high-risk corneal transplant patients. The cell product administration will be performed on two days during the week before transplantation (day -7 and day -1) and will, thus, initiate its immunomodulatory effect in advance of the transplant procedure. Secondary benefits of reduced acute rejection risk will be less requirement for prolonged use of systemic immunosuppressive pharmacological agents resulting in a reduced burden of medication side effects and increased likelihood of long-term functional transplant survival resulting in a lower risk of loss of vision due to transplant failure. These benefits will be of greatest significance to corneal transplant recipients who are at increased risk for acute rejection – specifically those receiving a second or greater transplant to one eye as a result of prior transplant failure (“corneal re-transplant”).