Charité Research Organisation is a contract research organisation focused on helping its clients move development projects from First Time In Human to Proof of Concept as quickly and efficiently as possible. Based in Berlin, CRO was founded in collaboration with Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

CRO was founded in 2005, with operations launched in April 2006. It was founded on the belief that the industry would increasingly require a ‘Scientifically Driven’ approach to support translational research and early clinical development. It was recognised that the industry would ultimately seek to engage patients and biomarkers in early clinical studies. It was also known that a new approach would be required to truly facilitate that – enabling studies in patients while maintaining the same efficiency and quality standards traditionally expected in early development. Ultimately, CRO was born from the desire of the Charité to facilitate innovative translational research and early clinical development.

CRO streamlines the whole translational research and First Time in Human to Proof of Concept development process. Their capabilities cover the whole spectrum of study types, including classical First Time in Human studies, multi-part adaptive design HV/patient studies and Proof of Concept studies. CRO supports the full range of typical Phase I studies, including BA/BEQ, drug-drug interaction, food effect and TQT. They also provide an optimal solution for the conduct of large Phase I biosimilar studies and nutritional intervention trials.

  • Dr Andreas Hüser has an extensive track record in drug development and contributes a wide-ranging knowledge of biotechnology, pharmaceutical research and project management. He holds an MBA in entrepreneurial management and a PhD in molecular biology.