National University of Ireland Galway

The Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) at NUI Galway was established as a Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology in 2004 with funding from Science Foundation Ireland. It is recognised as the Irish national centre for stem cell and gene therapy research. With a total staff of 124, 93% of whom are researchers or technical staff, REMEDI has state-of-the-art facilities for pre-clinical studies, flow cytometry, microscopy, spectrometry, molecular biology and functional genomics. REMEDI researchers have coordinated and partnered in multiple EU collaborative projects including REDDSTAR (2012, FP7 on stromal cell therapy in diabetic complications), DECIDE (2012, FP7, International Training Network), ADIPOA (2010, FP7 consortium on stem cell therapies for osteoarthritis) and PURSTEM (2008, FP7 consortium to establish standard methods and tools for the production of large amounts of stromal stem cells. The REMEDI Immunology Group, led by Prof Matthew Griffin, focusses on basic and applied immunology research related to allo-transplantation, stem cell therapies and immune/inflammatory diseases. The group collaborates widely with researchers and clinicians in Ireland and internationally to intercalate immunological investigation with translational goals.


  • Prof Matthew Griffin


  • Prof Thomas Ritter