Orbsen Therapeutics

Orbsen Therapeutics Ltd. is a spin-out SME from the Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI) of the National University of Ireland, Galway. In the FP7 “PURSTEM” project, ORB developed new technologies for the isolation of stromal cells from adult human tissue. In 2012 ORB filed the first series of patents protecting the ORB1-technology and applications, and formally initiated pre-clinical work in a series of clinical indications including adult respiratory distress syndrome, several diabetic complications, and corneal graft rejection.

  • Dr Stephen Elliman (Head of Research): Steve’s PhD (University College London, UK, 2005) focused on describing and defining human stromal stem cell (SSC) populations. He then moved to develop SSC as a drug discovery platform in the Diabetes and Metabolism Disease Area (DMDA) at Novartis in Boston, USA. This program revealed anti-diabetic properties of kinase inhibitors such as imatinib and a program that advanced the anti-DDK1 antibody (BHQ880) to early stage clinical studies in patients with myeloma. Steve joined ORB in September 2009 as part of the PurStem EU FP7 program and since then he has led the discovery, development and translation of the proprietary ORB1-SSC technology as part of the PURSTEM, DeCIDE ITN and REDDSTAR EU FP7 consortia, whilst heading up Research at ORB. ORB is currently sponsoring a collaboration with NUIG Prof. John Laffey to examine the efficacy of ORB1-purified in alleviating acute lung injuries (ALI). In addition, ORB is collaborating with Prof. Rhodri Ceredig (NUI Galway) as part of a Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Award to develop immunological potency/batch assays for iSSC therapeutic products.