SynthSys, The University of Edinburgh

SynthSys, The Centre for Synthetic and Systems Biology is a research centre of the University of Edinburgh, UK which is composed of a multi-disciplinary team of experimentalists (molecular biologists, biochemists, chemists) and modellers (mathematicians, computational modellers, and software developers) working together to gain a better understanding of the nature of various biological systems. One component of SYNT is Edinomics, formerly known as the Kinetic Parameter Facility (KPF).  Edinomics is a core experimental resource containing state-of-the-art equipment used to generate high-end quantitative and qualitative proteomics and metabolomics data.

  • Professor Malcolm Walkinshaw is the Chair of Structural Biochemistry and the Director of the Centre for Translational and Chemical Biology. His research is concerned with a number of different protein families and their potential use as structure-based drug design targets for various disease indications.
  • Dr Khadar Dudekula is a postdoctoral associate.