VISICORT abstract accepted for oral presentation at ESBB’s 2014 Annual Conference, Leipzig

VISICORT have had an abstract accepted for oral presentation at ESBB’s 2014 Annual Conference. The ESBB conference will take place in Leipzig, Germany from Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th October.

The ESBB conference theme is Biobanking: A Choral Symphony of Science, Technology and Human Rights. Peadar Mac Gabhann, from Biostór Ireland will present the abstract, which is entitled VISICORT Prelude & Fantasia in the Cloud.

The submitted abstract is described below:

Corneal disease, a leading cause of blindness worldwide, affects individuals of both genders & all age groups. There are >100,000 Corneal Transplants (CT) performed annually & within 5 years up to 30% of transplants will fail.

VISICORT a multi-disciplinary project with expertise in basic immunology, bio-sampling, systems biology/immune profiling, bioinformatics, clinical tissue transplantation & cell therapy was established to improve the success rate of corneal transplantation. VISICORT will complete the first systematic immune profiling of biological samples from animal & human CT recipients with diverse outcomes. Clinical data &  bio-specimens (Plasma, Tears, Peripheral Blood Monocytes, Donor Tissue, Recipient Tissue & Aqueous Humour) from >700 CT recipients at 5 leading transplant centres will be collated at a central Biobank & distributed to cutting-edge university- and SME-based laboratories for multi-platform profiling & integrated bioinformatics analyses. Profiling data will generate better understanding of adverse immune reactions to tissue transplants.

This knowledge will be used to develop novel biomarker-based surveillance strategies and, coupled with SME-based expertise in cell product development, will also inform the design and initiation of an optimised clinical trial strategy of immunomodulatory stromal stem cell therapy in high-risk human CT recipients. To enhance partner collaboration, streamline processes, optimise sample quality & traceability VISICORT will implement an innovative workflow using: cloud-based clinical data and sample registration, 2D-barcoded, SBS formatted sample tubes for automated tracking to/from diverse locations & real-time temperature/location  sample tracking during transport to assure end-to-end cold-chain maintenance. VISICORT research will strongly impact multiple EU research/scientific communities, patient cohorts and SMEs.

MacGabhann,P*., Kuhn,U*., Pleyer,Ua., Armitage,Jb., Hjortdal,Jc., Murphy,Cd., Brouard,Se., Degauque,N e., Lynagh, Sf., Bylesjo, Mf., Le Bihan, Tg., Kerr, Lg., Elliman,Sh., Clissmann ,Cx.,Griffin, M**
*Biostór Ireland Ltd., Rosslare Harbour, Co. Wexford, Ireland, **National University of Ireland Galway, a Charite Universitätsmedizin Berlin, b University of Bristol, c Aarhus Universitetshospital, d Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, e Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherce Médicale UMR 1064, Nantes, f Fios Genomics Ltd., g SynthSys, University of Edinburgh, h Orbsen Therapeutics Ltd., x Pintail Ltd.