The VISICORT Clinical Trial has been designed as a phase 1b clinical trial with the aim of investigating the safety, feasibility and preliminary efficacy of plastic adherent, allogeneic bone marrow‐derived MSC (allo-hBM-MSC) as a novel immunomodulatory cell therapy for corneal transplant recipients at high risk for acute rejection due to loss of a previous corneal transplant. The primary objective of the VISICORT trial is to determine the safety and tolerability of two intravenous (i.v.) infusions of allo-hBM-MSC given during the week prior to corneal re-transplantation. The VISICORT trial will follow a dose‐escalating design. Two sequential groups of 4 patients will be randomly allocated to receive two i.v. infusions of 80 or 160 million cells per infusion of plastic adherent allo-hBM-MSC generated from the bone marrow of healthy adult donors by an approved manufacturing process. Treatment will be administered in the context of on‐going, independent standard of care medical management.